New employee in the Aequinox family!

Can you please introduce yourself;

Hi, I am Didier van Amerongen, Dutch, 26 yrs old and living in Amsterdam. I was raised in Velp and I am the oldest son of 5 children. My father has been in the coffee business al my life so I was thoroughly influenced by the brown gold early on. I studied Entrepreneurship & Innovation at The University of Groningen and The University of Amsterdam and graduated in 2018. During my university years I worked as a salesman selling sustainable energy contracts and there I learned a lot about the sales process. There my passion for sustainability grew into a passion for sales.

I started working for Aequinox on Juli 1st and went through training in Bocholt, Italy and at the factory of Aequator AG in Arbon. With this preparation it is now time to enter the market.

What are your goals, what do you wish to achieve

I have some personal goals as well as goals for Aequinox. I want to be serving happy customers and enthuse them with great innovative products and spread the Aequinox word to help the business grow. I strongly believe we do have a unique and problem solving product for the Benelux market. Personally, I want to grow further also professionally. My goal is to become a true sales professional with a decent set of entrepreneurial skills. My goal this year is to build the foundation for many meaningful collaborations with partners throughout the Benelux.

Why do you and Aequinox match?

Aequinox is a young but fast growing company. During my past few years in Groningen and Amsterdam I worked in similar environments and have always been drawn to the entrepreneurial process. Now, to be teaming up with a small group of people, to work with high quality products and to set ambitious goals is an adventure we all really look forward to.  

What’s your challenge in this job? 

Well, it’s my first full-time job after graduating. So there is a lot of learning to do! And, in general I think, bringing innovative concepts into the market can be super challenging. It will definitely be a test of my creativity and perseverance.

To which charity would you donate if you had a million euro?

In my opinion a euro is truly meaningful if it is one that improves the health of our planet and her ecosystems, since every human being depends and benefits from a healthy planet. Therefore, I will probably donate my million to the WWF or the dutch foundation ‘DOEN’. 

How do you start your morning?

Always starts with the same routine. Drink a glass of water, take a shower, have breakfast and a coffee. Then I’m ready to go.

Which coffee do you like the most.

Espresso per favore!

Why do you like coffee so much?

Coffee is of course very tasty, but above all something to enjoy. Just the smell of fresh coffee makes me happy. Moreover, coffee is not just about the coffee itself, it is a culture thing. You often drink coffee together with others, which certainly adds to a positive experience. 

Where and how can we meet you?

Reach out to me in any way you like! By telephone, e-mail or social media. Want to meet? I’ll be on the road often, so I’ll be happy to just swing by at your office. 


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