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To serve your clientele fast, efficient and top quality coffee in a not seen before format.

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Aequinox professional capsule machines with its pure, hygienic, fast and efficient methods is what the market in its current status needs

Aequinox is proud member of the Aequator Group

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the Sumatra

The best coffee solution for the Out of Home Markets. Designed for small/mid sized offices and HoReCa aiming for a professional design machine that provides top quality with easiness of a capsule system.

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the Sumatra Cappu

Our professional capsule machine, The Sumatra, optionally comes with an innovative High Speed Cappuccinatore for premium quality fresh-milk coffee specialties like Cappuccino & Latte Macchiato. Ideal for offices and HoReCa.

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the Java

Small bistros, modern offices, trendy boutiques, lounge bars or coffee corners: the Java fits perfectly in a wide range of locations and environments. Straight lines, straight shapes and clear colors define a superior design capsule machine equipped with the most modern technology.

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Stavanger Kaffebrenneri, customer Logo. Capsule coffee in norway
rezemo professional nespresso capsules holz wood
Belmio capsules for nespresso machine
roststatte berlin caffee capsules
VHC Jongens. espresso horeca capsule
Goos Horeca, professional capsule machine horeca
Jones Brothers Coffee
Magnar Eikeland, professional nespresso machine
Barcos Caffee capsule machines
Grand Cru
Cafe y mas
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Lisar Koffie Logo
Sjostrand logo
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yes please logo
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Viroplus logo nesepresso comaptible coffee machines for offfice
Panama Cruce company
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