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The goal of Aequinox is to become the leader in its field and provide the best capsule machine for each segment of the Out of Home markets. From smaller, compact hotel room machines to meeting room, bistro to larger restaurants and offices

Yes, Aequinox has a technical support stand by for you. Either remote or on site. They train and support our customers to their complete satisfaction. Our technical support team works under the ‘train the trainer’ principal in which they come out and train your technical manager who leads the technical support team. Off course our team is always available for back up. Surely every technical detail and challenge will be tackled.

Please check here for our general terms. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Please email us at with your request and detailed information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Aequinox focuses on Nespresso compatible capsule systems and Nespresso Professional Disc systems. 

Most of our Aequinox machines have a milk option but some do not. Please check the description of the machines to find the most suitable machine for you.

Yes, we are constantly developing new items and searching market opportunities to shake up the coffee industry. If you have a rock solid idea, do not wait to tell us.

Please walk through the checklist below. In case this does not solve the problem, fill in this form and send to


– Is the plug in the machine?

– Is the plug connected to the mains?

– Is your device on [button on 1]?

– Is something (i.e. a used capsule) blocking in the capsule loader? (Try & feel with your finger to check)

– Is there enough water in the water tank? (in case of a fixed water connection; is there enough water flowing to your appliance?)

– Is there an error code in the screen? You may be able to solve the problem yourself by consulting the downloadable “full manual”

In several countries, Aequinox has service operators available for servicing your Aequinox machine. Depending on your country, it is also possible to conclude service contracts at purchase (at a fixed rate per year).

In the case that you do not have a service contract in place (yet) for your machine, service is still possible. Naturally, costs are associated with service without a contract. (call-out costs, repair costs, machine parts).

Therefore, our advice is to always conclude a service contract when purchasing a new Aequinox machine.

Proper maintenance will guarantee you an optimal coffee result and likely extends the life of your Aequinox machine. For a perfect coffee result and smooth operation, the cleanliness of the machine and hygiene when handling milk, coffee and/or water are just as important as the technical refinements of the capsule machine.

We have created in the quick install manuals and full manuals maintenance schedules that can be followed for sustainable use.

In particular, regular descaling of your machine is very important for long-term operation of the machine. The importance of descaling is often underestimated!

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